olympic storylines to watch

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olympic storylines to watch

Misty May-Treanor  and Kerri Walsh in beach volley ball

Woman’s beach volleyball is a big draw. Mainly because it’s hot women in bikinis but hey whatever works. Seemly for as long as most people can remember the team of Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh have dominated that sport. They have won the past 2 Olympic gold medals and are seeking their third. Going to 3 Olympics is a feat in and of its own because that a 12 year span of being tops in your sport let alone winning 3 gold medals. What’s interesting this year is that Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh have not had the greatest of years. They are no longer ranked number 1 but they did just get their first win of the season at the last event before the Olympic. This year also presents a different task with a man-made beach since London is beach less and what little is may have is rocky. And the weather in England is warm but not hot like most of the beach volleyballers will be used to. It will be a test for the once dominant duo to win a medal at the games. A magical run will excite everyone around the world

The men’s basketball team.

After winning the gold in 08 there is a lot of pressure on the men’s team this year. There were a lot of injuries leading up the Olympics taking out players like D Wade, Bosh, Blake Griffin and others.  Coach K has said this team could be better than the 08 team but only another gold medal will prove that. The US team should be a class above the other teams due to their stacked amount of NBA talent but that hasn’t always been the case. The basketball team is in a catch 22. Everyone expects them to win a gold so if they do its not big news or very exciting. If they fall short it will be front page news as well as a subject of a future Bleeping Idiot’s article. The team is possibly one more injury away from coming home empty handed.


Ryan Lochte vs Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps is the golden boy of swimming in America. Not like that says a whole lot because most Americans can’t name another swimmer but in the most recent events Phelps has fallen behind someone who I think is a better swimmer, Ryan Lochte. Ryan started to make his name in 08 when he helped win the gold for the US in the team event and is continuing his push to be the best swimmer in the world. He could and should come out of this Olympics as the top American athlete and secure his rightful spot as a house hold name. The rivalry between him and Phelps has pushed both of them to train hard and to constantly be on tops of their skills all the time. I believe that there will be a lot of gold medals won between the 2 of them and Lochte.

Usain Bolt

The fastest man in the world might not be. He recently lost both he 100 and 200 to Yohan Blake. He blamed a bunch of stuff from a runner moving early which caused him to lose focus. He might as well blame alien and global warming. A top notch athlete shouldn’t let another running getting set distract him. Can the fastest man in the world retain his spot there or has he lost a step? Even though he runs for Jamaica Americans have adopted him as a native son. We could see some spectacular races between the 2. Maybe even a new world record from one or both of them.

The Blade Runner

South America has named Oscar Pistorius nicknamed the blade runner to their track team. He is a double amputee who runs on two carbon fiber legs. It’s a slightly controversial because people say his prosthetic legs give him an advantage. He could have a longer stride then normal and doesn’t have the issues of cramps, knee problems and ankle sprains not to mention the difference in weight. If he does well it will spark a huge debate in the sport. The track world needs less controversy after the whole coin flip/run off situation

Andy Murray

The Scotsman came really close to being the first Briton to win Wimbledon in almost 90 years. He was bested by one of the greatest grass court players in roger Federer. With a short turn around its anyone’s game. Murray reached the finals at Wimbledon because he didn’t have to face Djokovic or Nadal who both had early upsets. If he’s that lucky again he could recapture some of that magic. Murray is already Britain’s golden boy and a gold medal win would put him in the likes of the royal family.

Woman’s soccer

Soccer isn’t that big in the USS. Never will be. The woman’s team is the only one that draws any real attention. Mainly cause they have had some success in the past and have some good looking players. It will be interesting to see how the team does this year. Hope solo just tested positive for a banned substance and got a minor slap on the wrist. Megan Rampinoe just came out of the closest so there are a lot of story lines within the team. A 3-peat gold medal will do a lot in the ratings and could be one of the highlights for the US in these Olympics. They have lots of experience and talent and a balance of offense and defense.


What was one of the biggest draws for American viewers has lost some of its luster in the past few Olympics. The woman got silver in the team event and the men took bronze and with a handful over individual medals the Chinese team was really the tops of the class. Gone are the household names that captured all of our attention. Can this once great draw reclaim its spot at the tops of the tv rating, medal podiums and our hearts?

England men’ soccer team

After having a magical run in Euro 2012 the England team wants to continue that run in the Olympics and set the whole country on fire. They left David Beckham off the team which surprised most people in the world. Beckham made a huge push to get the Olympics in London and says he will be pulling for the team to win. With England’s history of losing in shoot outs in big games there will be a lot of people who will think Beckham could have out them over the top. The farther they make it the less clamoring for Becks there will be until they loose and then everyone will have wanted Beckham on the team. It will be a fascinating story line if the team can make a run deep into the Olympics

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